Blogging is getting popular day by day, and the top best reasons to start a blog online will be explained later. a simple reason for starting a blog online is its popularity. you can earn your living through it. you can become quite famous if you have a popular blog.

Today, I am sharing 10 benefits to start a blog. Let’s start, lets me quickly highlight the top best 10 reasons why you need a to start blogging for instant profits.

The Benefits of Blogging are as follows:

1It’s Free

The first reason why you should blog is that it’s totally free. You do not require to spend a single penny on it but in return, you can earn from it. You do not have to have any HTML knowledge, a blog is very easy to start. It could be the blogger’s Blogspot blog or WordPress blog.

2Freedom of Speech

About 40% of the total blogs online are made just to share their thoughts and opinions. If you have something to say, you can start your own blog online and you can easily express your views and get to know about others views also.

Blogging online is a great way to express your freedom of speech. You can talk about your hobbies, interests, passions, current topics and there are so many topics to have a blog on.

3Help Others

If you have knowledge about a particular field, just start a blog and you can help others by sharing your experience like how to lose weight, how to solve PC problems, share your lessons and so on.

4Increase your skills

If you want to increase your writing skills, there is no other thing than blogging. It will definitely help you to decrease spelling and grammatical mistakes, which is also another best reason to start a blog online.

5Make money

Yes! You can earn huge money (cash) from your blog, all you need is proper knowledge and passion. When I started blogging 2 years back, I was earning around 100 USD per month in 6 months of blogging. In my future articles, I’ll be telling you about how to earn from your blog online. I’ll be writing full fleshed articles that will help you to make some buck out from your blog, making profitable money is the top best reasons to start a blog online. So keep visiting

6It’s fun

Blogging is fun, you get to know about different things, you meet fellow bloggers, attend Blog Camps. You can meet like-minded people. In a nutshell, Blogging is a great fun. Just go for it.

7You’ll be famous

Yes, believe me, you can be quite famous if you spend a good time blogging with proper guidelines and by attracting a wide range of visitors.

8Grow your business

Over the last years, blogging has proved itself to be one of the best ways to promote and sell products online. So, with a blog, you can start and grow your business.

9Create your own network

By regular posting and commenting on other blogs you can create your own network of fellow bloggers and people of same interest as yours and can exchange ideas and information.

10Get feedback

If you have a blog, then it is the best way to get feedback from others. A blog has a feature where users can comment on every article you write. A blog will definitely help you to get regular feedback on your ideas and thoughts.

This is what I think, and in my opinion, everyone should have a blog. If not then go for it. I’ll love to hear your opinions, what reason do you have to start a blog? I am waiting for your comments. With the above blogging tips, you now have top best simple reasons to start blogging online.


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