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Some people become just friends, the other become good friends and then we have best friends. With besties, we can share the craziest things and always try to make them jealous. Here we have some cool prank websites. By using these prank websites you can give a shock to your friends even if you don’t know about hacking etc. you can prank with them by using prank websites. Here are some cool prank websites that you must want to visit.

10 Most Amazing Prank Websites on the Internet

Simple and user-friendly interface. By using this prank website, you will look like a hacker even if you don’t know about hacking. Just place your fingers on the keyboard and start typing anything you want it’ll show the text in a programming way.

As you know everyone farts but now you can make your web pages too. Use this prank website and set your own dimensions like on every 200, 300 pixels fart. When you scroll your page it’ll fart.

Here you can create prank stories and news etc. and share them on social media like facebook or twitter etc. So, let’s write a prank story about your friends or enemies.

If you want revenge or wanna tease a friend, ex-girlfriend, boss or any other. This prank website is giving you a chance to do that with you want to do. They are providing an anonymous way to send a piece of shit around the globe.

Use this website to shorten URL’s and make them suspicious and terrifying for others.

Wanna prank friends or colleagues? Use this prank website, choose your desired windows screen and make them jealous that you are getting the latest updates.

Wanna tease someone? Use WhatsFake and make fake conversations that look like WhatsApp conversations. These conversations look real.

Send sexy lifestyle gifts directly to those whom you want to see embarrassed. They have a variety of things. Just pick your desired one and see how they’ll face it.

Send greeting cards to someone via this website. These cards have a unique way to express your feelings because these are singing cards and also have an annoying quality that the music will never stop until you broke the card.

This site has a great big stuff, you see common objects like pens, markers, tooth brush etc but this website is providing the big sizes of them. You can order this kind of stuff for your friends or family to annoy them.

Final Words

All these cool prank websites are the best way to express your feelings with your family, friends, and enemies. Try them to make people laugh or embarrassed, it’s up to you that how you wanna use these prank websites.


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