Wanna download a movie? A game? Or any software or a book? Torrents are one of the trending options. You don’t even have to pay for expensive software or games. Torrents have made it possible to share the pirated or banded material. During the last decade torrents have made a vast network, you can say an entire world. Any file can be shared through this network overnight.

Recently some popular torrent websites have been banned for sharing pirated stuff like movies or software etc. kickasstorrents and the piratebay are the most popular websites when you are searching for a torrent. Not only these two, many others have also faced the ban and but these sites have been reappeared with different domain names with time.

To get the appropriate stuff you should know where to go.

Top 10 Best Torrent Websites of 2017 to Download Anything

Alexa Rank: 120

If you are an old user of torrents you would be familiar with this website and its strength. It does not offer a wide range of categories but it has a lot of stuff to consider including movies, TV shows, Softwares and adult content. Despite that it faced a long ban, it appeared with a new domain and got its throne back.

Alexa Rank: 304

One of the old torrent website along with the pirate bay. Currently, it is considered the second largest torrent website. During the past several years it has become one of the most popular websites among torrent freaks, maybe the ban on the pirate bay worked as a ladder for it. It offers a wide variety of categories, probably the most offered till by any torrent website.

Alexa Rank: 5,806

An old, potent and one of the largest torrent websites. It is very popular before it gets banned, even it surpassed the pirate bay in yearly traffic. Due to the ban, it switched to many domains. It offers a wide range of categories, one different from others, its lossless music. From movies to TV shows to software or music, you’ll find countless data.

Alexa Rank: 10,391

not as old as its competitors but it offers one unique category which you won’t find on any torrent website, the category for documentaries. Other than documentaries you’ll mostly find what you are looking for. Not so much popular for software and applications but movies and Tv-show are the ones which you can easily find here.

Alexa Rank: 299

You may know this website as the home of yifi movies. Despite that it is limited to movies only, you have to admit that you’ll find almost every movie here, and yes most of them are in high definition. Even it offers you to select movies by considering their ratings. You can also read the plot of the movie with its cast. The work is really appreciated by the YIFI group.

Alexa Rank: 1,554

It’s famous for its TV torrents, you’ll find any TV show series there. The original group was shut down when it got hijacked in 2015. The new owner operates it from the above-mentioned link. As it was famous before, it’s still famous for its TV torrents. You may think that there’s only one category, but it won’t disappoints you while searching for TV shows.

Alexa Rank: 1,994

Old but not a famous one. It managed to gain a rank in the top 10, offers the same categories as any random torrent website does. But a good thing which you’ll notice that some other torrent websites’ search engine also refers you here if you don’t find the required stuff there. Although it needs some improvements in its interface. It also got banned once because it contains some harmful malware or trojans.

Alexa Rank: 3,846

the only one that claims that there are no fake torrents. Contains more than 3.5 million torrents. There are some big ads in the interface but it really contains latest torrents. The search is also good. It also offers you a health meter, which tells you about the files of the torrent are harmful or not. A wide range of categories with a section of news, that’s really a unique thing you’ll see on torrent websites.

Alexa Rank: 2,959

One from the year of TPB. It was famous at the time when there were not enough competitors. Although it offers more categories than TPB. It contains very less data than the pirate bay. You may find some old data if you are looking for some. This makes it in the list. Otherwise, it won’t help you if you are looking for new movies, books, TV shows etc.

Alexa Rank: 1,872

with a serious looking interface it offers the latest torrents and some categories as a filter. There’s also a health meter. It contains an advanced search which may help you searching the torrents. It also helps you to see today’s, yesterday or the popular trending torrents. Every month you’ll find thousands of torrents.

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