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Watching video has always been the best way to keep our boredom away. You can download movies and videos from the internet and then you can watch them all on your PC later. But do you know besides the default & common windows media player and VLC, you got a different choice for best video player for PC? With different video player comes different functionality and features. You can get more HD videos using with other video players. In between these players, there are many video players available which are used to watch online movie, video and TV shows.

No doubt the default video players for your PC are good, but there are also better-featured video players. Here below in this article, we are going to bring you the list of best Video Player for PC. All of them are free to download and also gives you with the latest technology for enjoying the high definition video quality. So now let us get into the list of the best video player for Windows PC.

Top 5 Best Video Players for PC

With the help of these top 5 Best video players, you can enjoy the high definition video quality. Along with that, you will also unlock a few better features which you actually expecting to have in your video player for PC. The list of video players is as follows-

5KM Player

When you think about the HD videos, KM player proof the best of all among the video players. This media player is best for playing videos in HD, 3D & UHD and also supports video qualities like MPEG1, WMA, AAA, OGG etc.  And the interface of the video player provides powerful DVD control, Audio and video menus, and also a menu for the subtitles. And the best thing about this player is they are free to download. You can download this video player from its official website. Just tab on the download button for Windows PC and this will automatically start the download.


Looking for a video player that can play the 1080p quality videos? Here you can download this free Kodi video player for PC which will help you enjoy the best video in HD, HHD, and UHD etc. and even support 3D. This video player is available for many platforms like Mac, Android or iOS smartphones and even supported for VR player. So grab this awesome video player app Windows PC and enjoy your HD video player. To download this video player, you can visit its official website. As this app is available for all device type, so make sure you click on the download option for Windows PC.

3GOM Player

This is another free video player application for Windows PC which will help you enjoy high videos quality and also supports other lower video formats like flv,mp4, 3GP etc. So whatever video type you download may be, you will able to play all of them using the GOM player. You can get this video player from its official website, they are free to download. But you can also upgrade to premium to use the best-secured video player for your PC.

2Pot Player

This is another smooth and seamless video player for windows which you will experience the high-end video quality. You will enjoy the HHD, 3D, UHD video using this video player. And also they are free for downloads. There are also features lying within it like having the screen recorder or screenshot built in it. So you can also that the snap of the video which you are recently watching. If you want to try this app, you can download it for free. Visit its official website and you will find the option for downloading the application for your Windows PC.

1VLC Player

VLC player is the most common video player and all the windows PC users have this app in their PC. They are good for playing all type of videos even they support the 3GP format. Besides this will also allow you to listen to the audio. So this media player functions as both audios as well as video player. You can also add the subtitle using this video player and also can take the screenshot of your videos and save it as an image. Well, this video remains as default for most of the Windows PC user. But you can upgrade this application, just open the VLC player then click on HELP>Check for Updates.


Here is the list of top 5 best Video players for PC to date. These are proving as the best video player as they have their unique features and always upgraded to play the latest Video quality. As the movies and video technology have evolved, so you must also change your default Windows media player to something very advance. And thus using one of these video players for PC you can get great video watching experience.


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