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Every small and large-scale business have their own website these days. We can blame it to the level of digitization in this era where the number of smart device users has increased tremendously, so is the increase in the number of social media platforms has gone to another level. Gone are those days when only a few companies had their own websites and having a website was only a great factor to create a positive impression while attracting potential customers. Now Web Designers have to keep many points in mind while building a responsive web design.

In this blog, we will discuss everything about top trending web designs for 2018, where we will see all important essentials for a good web design. So, let’s take a look at some prominent website design trends that are taking over in 2018.

Most Effective Web Design Trends You Can Follow In 2018

Before using any new trend, it is essential to understand the need for using best possible web design trends. A good website should be a perfect blend of visual strength and informational content. Your target audience will not be impressed if your website is looking fantastic, but it is lacking enough details about your products or services. Neither they will like when it is not visually pleasing and is full of other contents. Let’s try to find out what exactly should be there in an out-of-the-box web design.

1Use Eye-Catchy Animation & Video Elements

Animation plays a crucial role in creating a positive and long-lasting impact on the users. If you can effectively express your ideas, products’ or services’ specialties, through an eye-catchy animation or videos, then you can create a good impact on all the individuals landing on your website. Attached is a good example.

Here is why animation and video elements hold a great importance.

  • A good animation can express your complex ideas
  • It can how good you are at your work
  • Storytelling with help of an animation is a great way to show your organization specialties.
  • It is scientifically proved that a human mind can remember visuals more than a theory what they read.
  • You can engage a customer and inform them about your services at the same time.

2Split- Screen Layout Is A Must

A split screen layout helps in making a website attractive, interactive and interesting; all at the same time. So, the user landing on your page will end in getting impressed with how you have shown everything in one place to keep them engaged and informed. So, don’t miss on using a split-screen technique to let your customers dig into your website and pick the best suit for their need with an interest to know more about your products and services.

3Impressive Color Schemes

You should become courageous for using some fun-filled vibrant color scheme on your website. It will add more life to it.

  • You can combine headers with cool color shades
  • Using lively colors is a well-proven way to attract more customers to a newly launched website.

It is interesting to see how various successful brands have played with colors on their website and that is being loved by many customers.

So, don’t fear while playing with a good color scheme. Above example will let you try unique colors.

4A Responsive Web Design Should Be A Prime Focus

Now, this is an important factor for every business. Be it a small scale or a large scale. Making a website responsive means that it gives the same experience when it is being visited on different smart devices. For example, when an individual opens your website on the laptop and on a mobile or a tab at the same time, your website should equally respond to all the devices. The look and feel should be same. The reason why it is important is that the use of mobile devices has been increased tremendously and according to a research, people tend to browse more on their mobile devices rather than doing it in their computers.

Note– Make your website mobile-friendly

5Use Clear & Creative Typography

Typography is one of the most powerful weapons you can use against your competitors. Keep it clear, bigger, and better to impress your target audience. There is a huge variety of typography available these days that can be used in a creative way to express our vision, goals, products, services, success stories and lot more.

There are many sites playing with differing typography combinations like combining sans-serif fonts with serif to any other pairing. Combining nice colors with nice typography can do wonders.

6Keep Visual Hierarchy In Check

The technology is evolving rapidly, day by day. We have come a long way from browsing everything on the computers to doing the same in our smartphones, that too with an ultimate ease. So, to give users equivalent experience as that of computer browsing, a web designer should align the entire content, visuals, videos, etc. in such a clear way that it can grab the attention of users easily. If a proper visual hierarchy is followed by designers, we can make sure that our website is not lacking any important aspect. You can use strips, apply bold colors, keep it contrast, maintain the font size, spacing, keep your content easy to digest and organize everything perfectly.

7Make Your Website Easy To Navigate

Easy navigation allows visitors to see every page without any hassle. So, don’t let your visitors wander around the website to search what they are looking for or to see more about your products and services. Every website should have a good navigation which supports the search engine in indexing the content available on your website to provide a better search experience to every visitor.

  • You can give a menu on the header (on the top) of a website that directs them to the desired page.
  • Linking your logo with the homepage is also a good option.
  • Include all the links in your footer.
  • Vertical navigation is appreciated.


Making a good web design helps you in benefiting the business in long run. So try these proven web design must-haves and see the wonders it does on your business growth rate.

Manchun Kumar
Manchun Pandit loves pursuing excellence through writing and have a passion for technology. he has successfully managed and run personal technology magazines and websites. he currently writes for, a global training company that provides e-learning and professional certification training.



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