Hey, are you getting bored and don’t have anything to do? Discover one of the best websites on the Internet to beat your boredom. Here we have the list of 10 most fascinating and cool websites to visit when you when you’re bored. Or you can keep refreshing Facebook until you find something which is interesting.

Cool Websites To Visit When You Are Bored

1The Faces of Facebook

Want to see Facebook users profiles? Just visit this site because they have more than 1 billion Facebook profile pictures in a single grid. The idea behind this is to find yourself.

2Is It Normal

Everyone have underlying insecurities and embarrassing questions about ourselves that we wouldn’t dare ask someone else in person. So instead of heading to others, visit this website. You can ask questions and find out how other people think about you.

3A soft Murmur

If you are feeling disturbance around you and want to overcome it, Then visit this website and plug-in your headphones. You can select a different kind of sounds you would like to listen and set the intensity as you want.

4The Nicest Place On The Internet

If you are getting bored, pick your camera and shoot a video. You can show your love and hugs in that video. Post your video on YouTube and share the link or email on this website.

5100,000 Stars

Google Chrome experiments team has created this project. Which Exhibits over 100,000 stars near the Earth through an interactive visualization, I recommend viewing this beautiful space reflect in full-screen mode of your browser.

6Bouncy Balls

This website allows you to bounce balls or emojis etc. You can choose a theme and start playing. You can also select a microphone and set its sensitivity.

7People Of Walmart

This website is about a store where people do shopping. But the interesting part is that If you get caught on camera by doing something weird, then they will post your picture on this site.

8The Useless Web

Are you looking for something more pleasant? The only goal of this website is to show you the most useless websites that exist. You have to just click on the pink button to find one, and it’ll show you a new website in the new tab of your browser.


Everyone knows about GIFs as we see them on social media and other sites. This website provides you to search, post and share GIFs files where you want.


There are much online chat or video calling websites, but most of them require your money. On this site, you can chat and video call for free. You can search random people by adding your interest.

And that’s our picks for the some most interesting and coolest websites ever, on the Internet that you should try! Let us know your favorite one below, and if you liked this post, feel free to share it, as well as subscribe to our blog to get more posts like this. Thanks!😋


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