If you are a student, office guy or a freelancer and want to earn money, then this article is for you. With the economy suffering restructuring and careers becoming more unreliable, it looks like everyone is looking for ways to make more money. There are many freelancing websites like Fiverr, FiverUp, GigBucks, and Fourerr etc. where you can make money online at your home. But Fiverr took a huge amount from you and it’s 20% per gig. So, you can use these alternate platforms to sell your skills and expertise in various fields in which you think you are the best like Article Writing, Designing, and many others.

This website is very similar to Fiverr like the interface and the services are mostly the same but the big difference is FiverUp gives you an option to earn more money from any other websites. Here you can buy and sell gigs from 4$ to 100$ with no withdrawal limit and you can place your gig on the front page once a day.

GigBucks gives you an opportunity to place your gigs from 5$ to 50$. This is not much like FiverUp but it’s better than Fiverr where you get only 4$ per gig.

If you are a web expert then SEOClerks gives you enough earning as you think because this site has gigs mostly related to SEO, web and internet marketing etc. The great benefit of this website is that you can sell your services from 1$ to 999$ as much as you think project value is.

This site is also similar to another site like Fiverr but here you can place your gigs from 5$ to 20$.

Zeerk is one of the best freelancing sites because there is no commission on your selling. Here you can sell your services from 3$ to 200$. I think this site is worth a shot.

The great benefit of this site is that you can withdrawal your money via PayPal and AlertPay. Here you can sell your gigs from 5$ or multiple of 3.

On this site, you can earn as much as bid goes high. Here bids start from 4$.

If you are good at your skills then it’s for you. The main feature of this site is to approve orders manually that’s why they have no poor performers and spammers. Pay only when you are satisfied.

If you are a designer and want to earn money 99Designs have a great opportunity for you as they have different types of prices like Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and you can earn up to 1,200$.

This site is offering a complete range of the digital market. The main feature of Envato Studio is, they properly check the member’s qualification and then approve. Here you can earn a handsome amount of money.


The list of freelancing websites like Fiverr is much greater but a lot of clone websites disappears due to the trust factor. We choose these Fiverr alternatives because these are trustworthy and paying you a handsome amount of money. As a freelancer, these websites are great for earning online at your place.


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