how to get backlinks legitimately

How to Get Backlinks Legitimately in 2018? It’s a well-known fact that your site needs backlinks to show up in Google search. But many people still don’t realize how critical this ranking factor is. The analysis of 2 million keywords proved that backlinks are more correlated with high rankings than any other on-page factors, be it the page age, speed, word count, or even keywords.

In other words, you can write a detailed, keyword-rich post, but your efforts are unlikely to pay off if third-party domains don’t back it up with backlinks. Google will see it as a so-so resource that doesn’t deserve to take the lead in organic search. A backlink is like proof that your content is good enough to refer to. The more links it gets, the more credible it will look to Google.

If you’ve just come up with the idea of bulk link buying, better forget it. While paid backlinks can speed things up, they contradict Google’s policies. If the engine finds out you broke the rules, it will exclude your site from organic search at all. And penalty recovery isn’t a piece of cake.

So, you’d better play by the rules, and this quick-start guide will help you. Below, you can find multiple strategies to get backlinks legitimately. Not only will you be able to grow your website’s SEO power, but also make a name for yourself in a competitive landscape.

Create Link-Worthy Types of Content

With this strategy, the entire link building process goes naturally. You won’t have to beg for backlinks at all. People will want to link to your content, as it will improve their own articles regarding information value and credibility. The main thing is that they won’t need to do more than just insert a link with a few clicks. Here are the main types of link-worthy content to use:

  • in-depth market analysis;
  • opinion polls;
  • case studies based on your own experience;
  • free stuff, especially if it’s not inferior to paid items regarding quality.

Keep in mind that content values differ in different niches. While in marketing people mostly link to studies, the audience of web design is more interested in compilations of creative logos, fonts, site layouts, etc.

how to get backlinks with web design

That’s why you should always check the most linked-to articles on competitors’ sites. Watch this video to learn how.

Gain Links from Influencers in Your Niche

If influential people link to your content, you’ll gain a lot of exposure and additionally backlinks from their followers. Since influencers like receiving praises for their work, you can approach them with “ego bait” content. To create it, follow these steps:

  • interview a well-known figure on your site;
  • post a roundup of expert opinions on some hot issue;
  • cite influencers in your posts (with link attribution).

Don’t target big fish unless you’re a recognizable person in your field. They get a lot of attention day by day, so most likely you’ll get lost among others. In the beginning, try to interact with someone less known yet still doing well. You’ll get a higher response rate.

Give Interviews Yourself

Besides publishing interviews with influencers, you can become an interviewee yourself. It will let you build a reputation for yourself and gain backlinks in the meantime. The point is, those links will bring you people with a genuine interest in your business. There are different types of interviews you can give:

  • blog interviews;
  • webinars;
  • podcasts;
  • expert roundups, etc.

Publish Guest Posts

Guest posting can help you get more eyes on your business besides bringing you a backlink. When choosing a site to write for, you should check its domain rating (DR) and organic traffic. One backlink from a high-quality resource can bring you more value than dozens of backlinks from blogs with a low DR and little to no visits.

how to get backlinks with dr guest blogs

If you write a product review, it will naturally cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on the resource you choose. However, a guide isn’t a type of sponsored content. In the first place, it will be helpful for the guest blog audience, so its owner won’t charge for publishing such content. In the guide, you can mention your service among other things, saying how it can ease the job for users. To find content opportunities, use Google search operators.

Get Your Content Syndicated

This is another way to gain more exposure and links along the way, which will take you less time than guest posting. That’s because you won’t have to write a unique post for each resource. Simply re-post your existing content to third-party resources with link attribution. Here are the best places to syndicate your content:

  • Linkedin Pulse;
  • Medium;
  • GrowthHackers;
  • Business 2 Community.

Reformat Your Content

Different people absorb information differently. Some prefer reading articles, while others choose to watch live seminars or listen to instructional podcasts. To get backlinks from more people, use different content formats:

  • blog posts;
  • presentations;
  • ebooks;
  • podcasts;
  • videos.

Get Links with Pics

Besides writing SEO-friendly content, you can also focus on visuals. Not only does a pic speak a thousand words, but also draws a thousand links. Check out what kind of imagery can make your content link-worthy:

  • charts with stats;
  • funny memes illustrating some hot issues;
  • pictures with powerful quotes;
  • pinnable images in your articles, etc.

Visualize Your Data with Infographics

An infographic is also the type of content attracting links like mad. But it can work for you only if you combine visually appealing graphics and useful info.

how to get backlinks with infographics

Also, make sure you are not the hundredth person to create an infographic on your target topic. If you are, better opt for something else or create an infographic that’s at least ten times better.

Get Links from Quality Directories

Since Google evaluates the quality of backlinks, you can’t submit your site to each and every directory you come across. The engine will see your backlink profile spammy if it contains lots of links from lousy directories. The question is how to recognize directories worth your submissions. Here are a few things to double-check:

  • there’s a person who verifies every submission;
  • your target directory includes high-quality sites;
  • it’s been there for a year or longer;
  • its profile isn’t backed up with tons of spammy backlinks.

Focus on Local Citations

If you do business in a specific location, your site must appear in local directories. They have a much higher level of monitoring new submissions than general directories do. It should be no surprise that Google sees local directories as reliable sources of link juice.

For many potential customers, a local citation may become the first point of interaction with your company. So, ensure that it makes you look best.

Prepare Press Releases

This is a link building strategy when less is more. If you distribute press releases wherever possible, Google may consider it as some sort of manipulation. Better focus on one channel to make sure your site doesn’t look suspicious to the engine. Also, use branded anchors rather than keyword-rich texts, whether there’s a partial or exact keyword match.

Make It to the News

News sites typically have a high DR, so they should be your next targets. To drive some quality link juice from them, use a technique called newsjacking. In simple terms, you’ll need to inject your biz into the latest news.

When a story makes headlines, journalists start looking for personal opinions to add new details to it. If you publish a well-argued article on that topic, they may notice it and get you featured in a major publication with link attribution.

Note that there’s no time for procrastination. Unless you react to the news promptly, someone else will do it and get a quality backlink instead of you.

Get down to Broken Link Building

In the course of time, some companies close down. So do their websites. Even when a site is still up and running, some of its pages may become irrelevant in a few years, and admins delete them. As a result, third-party domains linking to those non-existent pages get broken links.

Here’s how you can benefit from this situation. Check broken links on sites with a high DR and offer them your content as a replacement for the non-existent page. It’s a win-win for both of you. You’ll gain a new backlink, and owners of those sites will lead readers to the available content.

To make the most of this strategy, sort pages with broken links by UR (URL Rating). This trick will let you focus on pages that can pass more link juice to yours.

how to get backlinks with broken link building

Drop Comments on Blog Posts

Through blog commenting, you can build links and interact with your target audience and influential bloggers. These contacts will also help you with your outreach campaigns later. People are more willing to communicate with someone they know than strangers.

Obviously, banal comments like “great article, check this one” won’t get you far. Your message must have thought-out arguments to provoke a discussion.

Post Links on Forums

Forums are places where people go for help with their issues. That’s why posting useful info there can both increase your domain rating and bring you, easy-to-convert visitors. But it won’t happen if your links seem like a stretch. Forum members must find value in the info you link to, be it a full answer to their question or extra details that others have missed.

Hang out on Niche Community Sites

A lot of your prospects join niche community sites like Reddit. So should you. This giant resource consists of communities (or subreddits) for any interest, e.g. education, business, video games, etc.

Active posting in relevant subreddits will help you build links that bring traffic. If your message gets upvoted many times, the link in it will become dofollow. Keep in mind that Reddit moderators are quite strict, and self-promotion isn’t welcome there.

Become an Active Respondent on Q&A Sites

Backlinks from Q&A sites like Quora come nofollow by default, so they won’t influence your domain rating. However, these links can bring you a lot of readers who may link to it afterward.

If the same question gets asked repeatedly, no one has probably created a detailed piece of content on it. This is your lucky chance to outpace competitors and be the first person in your niche who shares detailed advice on that issue.

Check Existing Link Opportunities

Link building doesn’t end with the discovery of new opportunities. There may already exist a lot of link opportunities that you have no idea about. There are three common ways to identify them.

Unlinked Mentions. Once in a while, you’ll find your business mentioned without link attribution. Try to contact website owners and ask them about a possibility to embed a link to your homepage.

Copyright Infringement. When someone uses your copyrighted stuff without getting permission from you, don’t force them to remove it. You can gain more value by requesting for a backlink as attribution. Broken Backlinks. If your site has 404 pages, to which other domains link, you’re losing SEO power that’s legitimately yours. To restore it, set up a 301 redirect for each broken backlink.

Make Donations to Charities

Charities typically link to their donors right from the front page. Since their sites have a high DR, making donations can become a rewarding link building strategy for you.

Technically, these are paid links, as you gain them for transferring money. And any tactics where money is involved are against Google rules. But the penalty risk is quite low in this particular case since the fact of purchase is unclear. You help the needy, and it’s your charity’s choice whether to link to your site. There’s no compulsion on your part.


These strategies go far beyond link building. With their help, you can also show yourself as a guru in your niche and establish contacts with your target audience. If you know any other ways to get backlinks legitimately, share them with Techju readers in the comments.


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