Motivation to Write

Ever wondered how the who’s who of the blogging community manages to deliver superb content and it seems as if they are flowing smoothly every time? You might wonder if they are actually the one who’s writing it! In fact, some may actually hire copywriters every once in a while or may have guest bloggers come in every now and then. These instances, however, are rare and most established bloggers wouldn’t risk the reputation of their blogs from some copywriter who may have only started using the English language a few months back.

Ok, let’s admit that their blogs are now filled with fabulous content read by thousands of bloggers and random visitors alike while yours is well….. a dry, barren blog.  As a web copywriter on the World Wide Web, it is your job to be able to generate fresh and quality content not just when you feel like doing it, but in a regular manner. Whether it be weekly or daily, there is an expectation from you in a regular manner.

Given the fast pace influx of information on the internet, it is now time that you provide content or let your blog be left in the dust. Whether you are writing for a conventional publication or writing for a blog, writer’s block is just as pertinent to a problem. Given the sink or swim nature of blogging, there is that sense of urgency. It is all about thinking outside your typical comfort zone. In fact, new ideas should always be welcomed to stay motivated and inspired to write.

Here are some ways on how you can find your own inspiration and motivation to write:

1Look at your wallet/bank account/purse/treasure chest

If there is a stronger driving force than physiological needs, it is arguably the need to earn money.  They say that the greatest driving force of innovations is a thinning wallet. You need to keep a reality check that you just can’t sit around procrastinating about your work. The faster you can type something, the better it is for your bank account! Let’s accept the fact that this is effective for everyone. Can you picture the percentage of writers who are eclectic enough to not care to end up sharing Starbucks’ internet connection because they are too broke to pay for their own?

Bloggers have bills to pay and mouths to feed, too!

2Re-configure your style

A lot of writers do not find a good piece to write because their style is too stiff or too casual for different topics. It is important to have a flexible style that would adapt, depending on the piece you are writing. One effective way to reconfigure your own style is by reading different successful blogs. In fact, look at blogs that accept guest bloggers. Here you will find how different styles can still jive into one cohesive unit!

The more styles that you have in your bag of tricks, the better. This makes you a perfectly suited writer for different occasions. The next thing you know your flexibility will be getting your site more traffic than you could ever imagine!

3Shove the distractions aside!

It is one thing to research about your next copy; it is a totally another thing to be watching YouTube and other unnecessary things. When you find a way to shut down all of the reasons why you keep on procrastinating about your work, you are one step ahead on how you can manage to get inspiration to write.

It is useful to stick with programs such as to eliminate sites that zap all your time. Also, there are some instances when you don’t need an additional program to keep yourself motivated and focused. Here are some ways on how you can shut down the noise in your head:

  • Read the news before you work

Know the news and current events early so it won’t bother you throughout your day! It is common to have employees read the news when it isn’t their break given the fact that news sites are not really blocked in the workplace. Not only does this churn your time, it gets you out of the groove when you are writing.

  • Check emails and respond to them at once

Scheduling the checking of your emails is one of the best things you can do in order to work straight on whatever it is you are writing. When you are done, shut the email down and look into it in the next hour and a half. Another way to cut the time in your email is to copy and paste important messages in a document and make them as your “things to do.”

When instant messaging cuts the time involved for one person to communicate with an officemate or a boss, this could also lead to chit-chat. A good way to avoid these types of instances is by being invisible to the rest of your contacts. This way, only important messages will be filtered and not some random “hi’s and hello’s” from your friends.

  • Avoid social media browsing

Now social media is really entertaining to get updated with your family and friends, but this is just a mere distraction especially when you are writing!

4Breathe the writing lifestyle

Ok, you ever heard of the adage “you are what you repeatedly do”? If so, then your free time should be spent on things that relate to writing and reading. Inspiration comes naturally from the things that you really love. The next time that your bag of information is running dry, why not grab a comic book, a novel or anything that you can read for fun and pick some inspiration from there!

5Treat criticism constructively

One of the biggest reasons you could get shut down from your writing career is when you run into someone online or offline who could just make you feel bad about your writing. Reading’s article a while back, it says something about how it is easier to criticize than to create something. It is in our nature to find fault with whatever is in front of us!

As a blogger, web copywriter, or anyone who produce copies for public scrutiny, you have to toughen up and make use of your criticisms as progressive input that would transform your existing work to something better.  So the next time you see trolls ravage your comment section, let them do what they do. In most cases, let the haters hate!

6Take daily interactions as sources of information

Just when you think there are no other things to write, it is not always the case! Applicable to both offline and online interactions, we are filled with untapped potential that can easily turn into a copy. So the next time you eavesdrop on some conversation on the way to work, why not write some notes down and use it sparingly throughout your coming entries?

7Invest in classes

Relying on your talent and natural ability to be conversant through copies is one thing, but every skill set that you have right now should be honed and improved upon. Formal classes not only do this but also provide room for big improvement on how you can find your very own inspiration especially during times when you don’t really feel like doing anything!

If you feel thrilled to write the first time around, you should be able to keep this going for a very long time. Though some people write for therapeutic reasons only, bloggers and web copywriters don’t enjoy this type of situation. Starting your career as a fresh graduate with a Journalism degree, you may think writer’s block is just an overrated excuse by someone who is already burnt out from all the work he or she received.

When you feel uninspired and lacking in the driving force to generate words in your mind to translate to a copy, just take a timeout and reflect on these seven ways on how you can find motivation. Again, this can hit you at any given time of the day. So the next time that you knocked three cups of coffee and are already palpitating like crazy but are still unable to write the necessary content, it is now time to check if you are feeling uninspired. Though not everything works perfect for everyone, these are some of the proven techniques that most writers we met utilize on their daily web copy-writing grind.

Just when writer’s block becomes a problem on your site’s traffic, livelihood and your reputation as a web copywriter, feel free to look into these seven useful things.


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