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Earning income through the help of the internet is absolutely possible. Writing online is one of the most lucrative talents that will not only pay the bills but even provide an opportunity for financial freedom. Over the years, I have marketed my writing chops for different blogs, composing countless articles and press releases for different clients. In that span of time, it has taught me the real currency accepted by the World Wide Web — content.

The internet is solely results oriented. It doesn’t care if you have given your time and effort on writing a copy. The fact of the matter is that you should never in any way insult the intelligence of your readers. This is by far the most important lesson that I have learned about earning a living online from writing. As for aspiring writers, you should know a few things before you complain that you are not getting enough traffic and engagement on your blog.

One, most internet users have the attention span of a toddler. If you can’t get them in the first line of your copy, there is a 99% chance that they will leave and look for other blogs. Two, online users typically go online in order to get specific information. Where to shop, what to do in specific situations, what’s the latest news etc. These are just some of the few questions answered by the internet. According to 2017 statistics, internet users worldwide reached 4.15 billion. That’s a lot of users. Considering the many “fishes in the sea”, you also have to consider the fact that there are a lot of great websites willing to funnel traffic into their respective blogs and sites. The solution to getting the attention of the worldwide web is to build solid content that grabs people’s attention. This overused goal of maximizing the quality of content is, however, easier said than done. That is the sad reality that makes the internet full of useless trash content.

You are now writing online but you don’t know how to get that great copy to your audience. Here are some practical ways on how to revamp the things you provide readers:

7 Secret Writing Tips to Add Value to Your Writings

1Blog Whatever It Is That Interests You

You ever notice how you can talk for hours about a TV show or a movie that you like?  The same goes for writing; it is so much easier to write about anything that you can relate to. Finding your passion is the very first thing that any writer should do. Whether it is a hobby blog or a serious business blog that you are running, writing content that stirs your interest can squeeze out the best in you. The positive thing when passion is involved is the fact that people are willing to learn and get better, something that you wouldn’t do with other things you don’t even care about.

When building interesting blogs, it is important to compartmentalize discussions and not jam every interest in one blog. This adds value to your blog a lot better than having 3 different interests stuck in one blog. Choose only one or two that are related and start getting content for the blog. WordPress for one has a system of categorizing new blogs published. Categories are meant to compartmentalize the areas of interests common among bloggers and readers alike.  For a WordPress user, this is a great way to boost traffic to your blog.

2Measure the Influence You Have Online

Improving your copy or your blog’s layout will not be possible without any type of metric system that you can base your decision upon. Online influence is more or less equivalent to the number of readers that you rake into your blog or site. As a copywriter, it is important to have returning audiences who will enjoy whatever you provide to them. One of the perks that social media and blogging, in general, could provide is recognition. Even the average copywriter can become a guru in his or her own field given that the right channels were tapped. However, also accept the fact that there are ups and downs and it is possible that some of your copies will decline in value. For schedule reasons or for complacency that you already have the traffic that you aimed from the get-go, it is important to notice the red flags of your audience’s decline.

Here are red flags that determine the decline in interest on what you are writing:

Having a blog and various social media profiles are necessary in order to promote entries and generate more interested readers. Aside from this, the shares will be good for your ranking as Google spiders will view content as something extraordinary that it needs to be ranked higher in the Google search results. Maximizing retweets and shares from Facebook can definitely earn you a better ranking – not to mention more readers.

What drives people to share and to retweet content on their own account is the value of the information. With decreasing shares, likes, and overall reach on your social media account, this should already ring a bell to revamp whatever you are writing.

Comments are added to blog entries with value. Inquiries, discussions and general engagements can increase in relation to the usefulness of the content. WordPress, Blogger, and other blogging formats can provide blog users with useful tools on how to manage and monitor comments that are just there for link building or really for legitimate reasons.

Statistics of your most popular content in contrast to the average views of the other posts should always be considered by the blog admin. It is important to look into trends of your previous and present entries and determine whether or not you are gaining or losing traffic. If the sole reason they visit your blog is already gone, it comes next that traffic is going to spiral down.

Bounce rate is an important gauge of your blog stirring interest. Do they also visit the other entries and other pages of your blog? When the majority of your visitors just glance at your blog and go, now there is a problem that needs to be fixed. Are you writing boring copies that no one could read throughout the text?

Given these metrics to measure the worth of what you write, now you can start writing better content for your readers. It is important to have this type of gauge in order to know as early as possible if you are already doing something wrong in the things that you write online. It is important to note that weekly assessments and evaluations should be done to lessen the amount of work that should be done. Having a spreadsheet is even a better idea.

3Read More and Study the Trends

One of the things that online users look for is new things that can bring enlightenment to them. If you are not mentioning anything new, then probably your blog will be left by established writers or those who managed to release their content first. However, there is a simple solution that you can do whenever you are basing your work on other people’s content. The simplest tweak that you can do to earn more readers and add value to the content you are making is to collate related data. Including several bits of information from various sources can rev up the value of the copy that you just made.

Reading as often and as much as you can on blogs found on the same niche as yours can automatically give you an edge. You stay updated on the recurring topics and the in-demand content today. Google Trends is also a great way to add ideas to your checklist so you can study them further.

4Define Attitudes and Interest

Do you ever wonder what you should add or remove from the things that you write when you don’t even know who your audience is? The term “value” on your content is a biased perception of the readers found in a specific niche. Knowing their interests, likes, and dislikes can provide ideas to a writer on how to approach each entry.

  • What is their age?
  • What type of sites do they like?
  • What is the best voice for the demographic?
  • Why would they go to my blog?

Knowing the answer to these four questions can give you a rough idea as to what your niche really wants. Once you determine their preference, it is now time to ask yourself if you can deliver everything that they are looking for. Are you really knowledgeable about being able to provide them the quality content they are looking for? Determining the typical problems of your target audience can be crucial to creating blogs that can offer solutions to these problems.

This thinking is not only applicable to writing. In fact, if you will look at the successful entrepreneurs who found success online – Mark Zuckerberg for instance – found something that pains online users and offered a solution that is free. From here, Facebook just diversified to find money-making opportunities to what they offered. Before earning a seven million dollar paycheck online, it is important to first prove your worth. If it is impossible to prove your worth to your target audience, how do you expect to get their approval?

Providing concrete and effective solutions can always lead to generating traffic on your blog considering the fast turnaround time for the sharing of information.

5Invest in Added Training and Tools

Are you afraid that you no longer have the capability to write content attractive to the current target audience? Why not pay $5 and learn from the best? You can even get a critique of your written works. Continuing education is important whether you are a journalist by trade or just someone who somehow stumbled upon writing as a means of living. Here are some venues where you can invest some time and even a few bucks in order to improve your web copywriting chops:

  • Forums
  • Webinars
  • Seminars
  • Lessons and Certifications

Aside from knowing the target audience more and improving your writing skills, it is also a good way to learn new styles that you haven’t explored. Do you have a difficult time being funny online? If so, then attending a seminar of a writer who is good with satire is a good idea.

Reinvesting your money to further improve your skill is always a good move on the part of any writer. This can reinvent your writing approach and generate more traffic in the process. It is a good idea to save a part of your money earned online for this purpose. Or, if you are still trying to earn a decent living, you might as well look for videos online that can teach you a thing or two about writing in a certain style that you are not comfortable.

Now that you have the right training, you need to have the right software and added tools to make the writing process much easier. You have to keep in mind that Google has developed ways where the AI is now slamming bad grammar to label it as trash in terms of its value. Grammarly.com is a useful tool in determining the correctness of your sentence structure, something that would reflect your proficiency as a writer getting paid online.

6Discussions from the Comments and Reactions

If you have written previous entries that fired a series of back and forth comments from your readers, always remember to take note of the discussions that will sprout and consider these things as your next topic. There are instances when the comments and the reactions will actually be a good starting point of a 1,000-word article.

The safe thing about recycling ideas from your comment section is that it is already an interesting topic for certain readers. Secondly, you already have a topic to talk, making it easier for you. With the links already provided in most instances, it is a lot easier to expand on ideas. If you want to stir even more comments and traffic, you can attempt to oppose the current position of your readers. However, always be sure to defend your position. Is this limited to your content? Not really. When reading other blogs, never miss reading the comment section. These are gold mines. Other venues that allow comments are the YouTube video channels and the status and tweets of blogs’ social media accounts.

7Helping Hand from Other Writers

One of the things that you need to accept is the fact that you may not have expertise in everything. There are times when it takes years of studying before you can master a specific topic. There is a shortcut, however, if you really want to provide information on your blog. Getting guest bloggers can boost the influx of information on your blog and therefore potentially gain more attention and regular traffic. It is possible to have regular guest bloggers monthly. This strategy not only improves the information seen on the blog but it guarantees an exchange of network between bloggers.

Other than guest blogging, you can also explore having ghostwriters. Ghostwriters write on your behalf and, given how fast the internet can provide you with a long list of bloggers to choose from, you can easily get the help that you need. Fiverr, for instance, can get you the content you need without exceeding a $5 budget!


Before you earn money online, you first need to prove to the rest of your readers that you are worthy of their support. The internet’s real currency is based on the value of your content. Without a content that is useful to a group of people, consider your blog or even your website to be trash.

In 90 seconds, the typical reader can read as much as 300+ words. Discerning readers would typically switch sites already at this point. To avoid these scenarios, follow the useful tips that we have provided you. This can turn things around not only for the traffic but also for your site’s conversion and engagement.

So do you think that you can fool your readers by only investing on a great SEO strategy alone and land on the first page of Google rankings? You can probably generate traffic in doing so. However, the bounce rate will tell you another story. As a rule of the thumb, always invest in things that will make your content reader-friendly. In fact, always step in the shoes of your readers.


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