How to Sell Used Tablets for Cash

Have you damaged your tab as a result of a sudden fall on the ground or simply bored with it and planning to buy the latest one? In all situations, selling your tab is the most favorable option to get rid of an old tablet. The following article aims to provide you a detailed information on how to sell your tablet for maximum cash. So continue reading!

We live in a technologically advanced age where our daily lives are consumed with the latest gadgets including smartphones, laptops, or tablets etc. It seems sometimes that by the time an item is purchased, taken out of the box, and set up to use, there is already an updated version to buy. It is our nature to desire to have the very latest so we soon lay our cherished item aside and get the newest and updated model.

Most of us have many unused electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets lying around the house. We no longer use them but it is unwise to discard them in the trash cans and chance destroying the environment. Therefore, it is better to sell them for recycling that is the environmentally responsible way to dispose of unused tablets and other electronic devices and there are other benefits as well.

The Most Appealing Benefit- Make Money by Selling Your Used Tablet

It is now possible to sell your tablet for cash, so in essence, you are making money from junk. There are a large number of recycling websites, which are willing to buy any old mobile phones and tablets, and pay you a nice price for it. Whether you have an Apple iPad, a Samsung Galaxy Tab, or any other branded gadget in any condition, they all can now be exchanged for money.

By selling your old, unwanted tablet for recycling, you not only fetch some money in return but also take a step towards reducing the amount of e-waste in the country.

Did You Know What Is Mobile Recycling? Read This!

In its basic state, any type of recycling means to find a way to reuse an item rather than throwing it away. One way to reduce e-waste is to sell your tablet or other electronic devices to a mobile recycling company which will find a way to use your useless item.

How Does Mobile Recycling Companies Work?

Generally, when a tablet or any other electronic device is sold to a mobile phone recycling company, they will quote you a price for your gadget. They will need to know what type of gadget is being sold, the name of the manufacturer and the model information. Once this has been submitted, you will be asked some specific questions regarding the condition of your e-device including any types of accessories that may accompany the device. The company will offer a price and if accepted, shipping arrangements will be made. You will earn money back for your tablet or other gadget and at the same time help protect the environment.

How Much Money Will Be Received By Selling an Old Tablet?

The amount that you will receive when a recycling company chooses to sell your iPad or any other tablet will depend on numerous things. Of course one of the prime concerns will be the condition, manufacturer, and the age of the tab. Most recycling companies will be refurbishing or cleaning an item up to resell it on a particular market so this is a very important matter. For instance, if you have an Apple iPad for sale instead of a Galaxy tab or any other brand, you will definitely get a good price for it.

Typically, mobile recycling companies give you a chance to recover your tab’s value up to 50-80 percent.

Can Broken Tablets Be Sold?

The answer is simply yes. It is one of the best things about recycling companies is that they accept your broken tablet too and pay you cash according to its condition. You should know that old or broken tablets have a lot of toxins that should not be left in a landfill, such as lead, cadmium, mercury, and arsenic etc. If ended in landfills, they can very easily find their way into the ecosystem and pollute the air, groundwater, and soil impacting the Green living.

Bear in mind, like many other developed countries, discarding electronic devices into garbage is also banned by the UK’s government. Therefore, it is important to be a responsible citizen and avoid yourself by doing such illegal act.

How to Find the Top Price While Selling Your Old Tablet for Recycling?

When you want to sell your tablet for recycling, obviously you are going to want to get the most money possible for it. It is only human nature after all. With a large number of recycling firms online, you can use, which is the best? Which one is right for you? How do you get the highest price? That’s where comparing among recyclers comes in. By approaching a mobile recycling comparison website, you can search for your make and model of tablet and get a price for it in one place by all the leading recycling companies. This will save you time and trouble in not having to look for separately one by one on each recycling site to get the best price.

Nowadays, comparison websites have become an ideal source to helping you get the best price available as they take a collection of the best and trustworthy phone recycling companies within the country and compare them against each other for the particular tablet make and model that you have searched for. Regardless of old and non-functional tabs, you can even sell new tablets and get even more money back. For example, if you are the owner of a fairly new, good conditioned Apple iPad, you can generate much money back for it when you compare.


When you think of selling your old tablet for cash, the best way to save time and cut hassle is to compare prices from all the top recycling sites to make the right choice and get the most money for your tablet recycled.


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