Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Social media has become a valuable asset for any business even if you are new and just beginning. All that you need to do when it comes to social media is being able to establish a constant relationship with your target market. From here, any firm could work on any strategy from video marketing to viral marketing. All of these things can come a long way there are a lot of mistakes that businesses can make when it comes to social media.

These are seven of the most common social media marketing mistakes made by businesses of all sizes.

1. Lack of Communication

Social media outlets have replaced emails with direct communication with customers. This is something that some companies seem to shrug off. Many times people will get on Facebook and post to the business’s Facebook timeline for the entire world to see. If there is no response to the customer’s Facebook postings this will look bad for the company, and show that the business does not have great customer service.

2. Lack of Professionalism

Troll is a term used to define someone who posts inflammatory type discussions on social media outlets. If you will look into big companies, they hire individual social media managers in order to manage posts on their Facebook like page and on their twitter account. No matter what the trolls say, these people will always address every question or comment in a well-mannered way. This maintains their reputation especially when something negative has been posted about a product or service offered by the company.

Small businesses have the tendency to be more personal when it comes to replying to negative comments. Mainly, this is because they have built everything from scratch! Who could blame them? However, it is important to note that this will affect the perception of others! It is, in fact, better if you only delete a negative comment than to flare up on the keyboard.

3. Having No Plan

In order for any firm to increase their audience, it is important to have a weekly plan. There should be a schedule of posts in order to keep your subscribers updated of your actions. The materials should be well planned to trigger a reaction and to be shared by subscribers. Without a plan, you could end up having mediocre content and you could potentially lose the voice of your social media accounts.

4. Not Developing a Voice

What exactly is a voice? Just like the human voice, it is something distinct and recognizable to any person. This can work well for a company too. Does the company inject humor or does it sound formal? These are things that you need to find out for your own company. Without a voice, content becomes boring and unrecognizable.

5. Not Expanding the Likes

There are a lot of ways any company could increase their like page. You could offer a contest or hire a social media marketing manager. Likes can equate to traffic as well as generate sales.

6. Sharing for the Sake of Selling

If you are going to give content to your target market, it is important to understand that they could deem your posts as blatant marketing. You want to make everything subtle. Providing contests, and making your logo the profile picture of the account are some of the most effective ways of how you can ignite interest in your products and services.

7. No Evaluation

With no evaluation of your site’s hits, bounce rate, and overall performance every week you cannot tell how well or poorly your site is doing. The stats shown on Facebook could also help you a lot especially when correlating sales with the number of people you have reached using your social media accounts.


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