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Is your Android phone’s battery is draining is fast? Or you have a smartphone with less battery life? If yes, then don’t panic, I have listed 12 Proven tips to boost Android battery life. I am sure after reading this article you will be able to see the difference in your android phone’s battery life.

12 Proven Tips to Boost Your Android’s Battery Life

1You can use Power Saving Mode

Most Android phone manufacturers added a feature named Power Saving mode. When your Android phone’s battery is going to die, It automatically shut down some specific Android applications.

2Automate your Android phone

In this mode, you don’t need to turn off your WiFi connection or data connection, etc. while you are sleeping. There are several apps like AutomateIt and Tasker which automatically turn off your data connection or silence your Android phone at a particular time.

3Uninstall or disable unwanted apps

It is another option for you to save your battery life. What you just have to do is to uninstall those apps which you do not want. Or you can also disable them to double your battery life.

4Freeze or Hibernate your apps

Additionally, you can freeze the unwanted apps to increase your android phone’s battery life. There are many apps to freeze unwanted apps such as Titanium Backup Pro. But if you want to use its full features then you have to root your android phone.
You can also put your unwanted android apps at Hibernate to save android battery life. You can download app Greenify to put your unwanted apps at hibernating.

5Streamline your home screen

If you have a live wallpaper on your home screen, then the device uses power to run those animations which use your battery life. Instead of using live wallpapers you can use Dark wallpapers so that your device will not light up your home screen and thus save your battery life.

6Adjust your phone’s Brightness

Your screen brightness has a significant impact on your android phone. Do not set your phone on Auto-Brightness because it usually set your brightness more than your requirement. You can set your phone’s brightness manually as much as you want for a better comfort. Guys, you should also reduce the time of your screen to sleep because the faster your Android phone’s screen fades black when you are not using, the more power you can save.

7Turn off vibrations

Vibrations also drain out your android phone battery. You should turn off the vibrations of your Android phone so that you can increase your android phone battery life.
Go to Settings>Sound> and turn off “vibrate when ringing.” From there you can also turn off vibrations of Sms.

8Turn off  notifications

When you install a new app like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. they automatically grant the permission of notifications which is also a new problem of draining your Android’s battery.
And these notifications can be turned off to get the most out of battery.

You can turn off notifications by going Settings>apps by tapping on an app and then clearing the “show notifications” box.

9Stop auto-syncing

Turning off auto-syncing can increase your phone’s battery life. As auto-syncing connects your Gmail to the server to update your emails, which are a battery draining measure.
You can turn it off by going Settings>Accounts>Sync and uncheck the Box of auto-sync.

10Location services

You can also go to Settings>Location and can check there which apps and services are trying to track you. You can Set the accuracy to lower, or you can turn it off to save much battery life.

11Take an extra battery or Power Bank

You can take an additional battery with you to extend your phone’s battery life. Just replace your old battery with your spare battery when your old battery is empty.
Or you can take Power bank with you so that you can charge your Android phone anywhere and anytime.

12Underclock your CPU

You can set your CPU to run at a slower rate to save your android phone battery. First, you must root your phone to underclock your CPU then you need to use SetCPU app to Slow down your CPU.

So, these were the effective methods to increase your Android phone’s battery life. You can ask in Comment if you have any doubt. And Please share it with your friends.


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