Reliance Smashed Indian telecommunication Market by Launching JIO. Reliance JIO is a Network Based on 4G VoLTE Technology. The main reason behind the success of JIO is it offering the Cheapest internet Plan and HD Voice and Video Calling at a rate we can’t believe. Well JIO is Using 4G VoLTE Technology for that so in this post, We’ll cover all the questions which relate to the Topic of VoLTE

What is VoLTE?

Well, VoLTE Stands for Voice over Long Term Evolution. It was launched in 2008. VoLTE is not similar to other Telecom operators as he is not using Traditional GSM Technology. Instead of Using Circuit switch technology it is Using VoLTE technology which able to make Calls Over LTE network. Let’s make it simple as in VoLTE, The caller’s voice converts into Packet data and then re-converts to Voice when it reaches to the receiver.

In other words, it is as Making voice call using data instead of the traditional techniques of making calls. so this is the reason How JIO can provide cheapest call and Data as low as he can. Visit For More information relates to What is VoLTE here.

What are the Benefits of VoLTE?

So there are a lot of benefits of VoLTE feature, But here I have added the Best and main Benefits of it which may surely help you in understanding about VoLTE feature 😉

  • It Provides a much efficient use of spectrum than the Old traditional techniques
  • So it eliminates the need for using voice on a network and Data on another
  • It provides the Rapid call established time.
  • It delivers an unusually clear HD calling experience.
  • It increases Battery life up to 40 percent (Compared to VoIP)
  • Can Provide HD Video Calls
  • Because using 4G Technology it can provide 10X faster speed internet than 3G.

Is it Possible to Change Non-VoLTE 4G phone to VoLTE?

Well, It’s not possible for many smartphones due to Hardware limitations but there is still a chance to Change a Non-VoLTE 4G smartphone to VoLTE only if its hardware is capable of Using VoLTE. it can be done by changing some firmware if it is available. well, I will not suggest you to do that, If you want to do I will suggest to Visit nearest Service center to take an advice before processing. 😉

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