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Search engine optimization is perhaps the most lucrative and productive marketing investment available. It’s not hard then to imagine why so many web design companies are trying to pass themselves off as SEO companies. A real SEO company, however, can demonstrate powerful results and strategies that amateurs aren’t even aware of. If a Web design company tells you it can do your search engine optimization, tell them nicely that you need professional level services from a professional SEO firm since your business’s future depends on it.

Is Your Web Design Company done with Your Search Engine Optimization Yet?

If your nephew or cousin or web designer is currently doing your SEO for you, you’re not doing yourself a favor. Chances are your site is floundering at a very bad time. The economy is weak and only the strong will survive. The strong are those sites that dominate and try hard to gain new customers and keep them.

I can tell you that after working with many web designers, programmers, and webmasters, that they are often the key reason why the client’s site failed. The owner of the businesses would have no idea why their site wasn’t performing. They’re business people with exceptional experience, skills and capability yet the world of SEO is just a little mysterious. SEO is the art science of manipulating keywords, but how creative can that be?

You see 8 people sit down at a poker table. Hours later, one player wins. There are only 52 cards in the deck, so why should only one player win? Because he or she knows how to play the cards and the difference between winners and losers is both subtle and predictable. A beginning poker player or onlooker would have little idea why one player one it all. Yet this is what happens in search engine rankings every day. The best rise to the top even though they work with websites with seemingly little advantage.

How do web designers, webmasters, and programmers ruin search engine rankings?

Web designers often create sites that disallow the use of keywords in pages. They put keywords into graphics. I had one Web design firm owner recently said that they were into “technical SEO.” They wanted me to know that he was the amateur and they were the SEO experts. First of all, there is no such thing as technical SEO. He said they optimize their web templates with CSS coding and other web 2.0 compatible things. He said that copywriting and keyword usage had no place in today’s SEO.

I can’t tell you how foolish that statement is. Search engines live and die on keyword relevance and they don’t care what kind of trashy coding they have to weed through to get it. Their search engine algorithms take keywords literally and they try to “read between the lines” to understand what a document is about. They don’t care how web 2.0 friendly the HTML coding is.

Webmasters can be a real problem.

Very often they’ll ensure you can’t even put keywords in the title tags. They’ll put meta refresh redirects in and force the robots to pages that have no value to search engines, such as the privacy page. Sometimes they’ll place the site on a slow server which serves duplicate copies of the website.

Programmers can be particularly evil.

JSP programmers are the worst. The heavy use of javascript, long unruly URLs, redirects, and endless clicking needed to get where you want to go, makes it an awful experience for visitors and robots. The site often comes up looking like a spider trap to a search engine robot. Some programmers will set up a system that serves hundreds of pages of the very same content such as in an e-commerce site with product listings. The search engine spiders it, sees that it’s being fed duplicate content and then applies a penalty to the whole site.

Some so-called SEO experts will tell you all you need are sitemaps. These are pages that contain links to all the pages on your site, especially pages that are inaccessible. Just because a search picks up the page doesn’t mean it will have any benefit to your optimization strategy.

If you have people like this managing your website, you are going to see your site underperform forever. They’ll make it their full-time job trying to compensate for their shoddy web site structure.

Hire an SEO Company

If you want to make SEO effective and productive, it’s important to have an experienced SEO company help you build a website from the ground up. There’s a time when you have to give up on a website that just won’t produce. Its design, content, and structure are nothing that search engines will value. Face it, it’s never going to draw big traffic.

Rather than see your company fail in this strong recession, get a professional SEO Company to help you do the proper research, planning, strategy, and implementation. The difference for some companies is in the millions of dollars. SEO has helped numerous companies earn fortunes via their website. The proof is in the pudding. Trust your judgment and avoid a web designer as your SEO expert. Because they’ll never be done with your search engine optimization because it’s not their forte.


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