In the time when blogging is taking over, the world and websites are the new businessmen, a lot of emphases is being put on SEO. It is the most commonly used term when it comes to marketing or online business.

What is SEO?

SEO is the abbreviation of the phrase Search Engine Optimization. It is a set of guidelines that any website or blog needs to follow to optimize their sites in a way that is suitable for search engines. In this way, they can ensure higher search engine rankings. For example, SEO Italy will determine how websites are ranked on Google Italy for the users.

Importance of SEO

SEO is the most important tool in business today. It is that one tool online business owners or bloggers can use to grow their business and make it a landmark of success. Since millions of users come to search engines every day to look for their desired products; SEO can be the blueprint for success for a company if employed properly. SEO helps bring in organic traffic which means that your sales will increase without you having to invest in paid marketing. While the audience generated through paid marketing may vanish after the campaign is over or the budget runs out, the organic traffic is bound to stay as they found you on their own. SEO is cost-effective. In fact, it is an investment that helps you yield more and better results.

SEO is important because it makes your site rank in the top positions on a search engine. This is mandatory because users tend to trust sites on the top more. It is quite likely that a user will click 4 to 6 of the top sites the search engine shows it. SEO is required to ensure that your site is one of these few and that the user trusts you. SEO helps a business run smoothly without any hindrance as it is the tool used to generate traffic. For most businesses, the rate of traffic is directly proportional to the count of success.

Furthermore, SEO helps you to rank above the competition. The market of today is very competitive which means that a company does not only have to do well, it has to do better than the competition. With proper implementation of SEO, this is ensured. It is imperative to take SEO into consideration while structuring your website, using URL syntax or choosing web designs. Once you have tailored your website according to the user demand, sales are expected to soar as it influences the psychology of target visitors.

Types of SEO

  1. On-Page SEO includes elements that are used to optimize sites for search engines. These elements are keywords, title tags, header tags, links and most importantly the content of the website.
  2. Off-Page SEO is the one that does take into account the content or structure of the website. This includes the backlinks which are highly considered by search engines. Search engines also use URLs present on social media in their rankings. If a page is shared a lot of times on social media, search engines also rank it higher.

Implementation of SEO

The biggest and most used search engines are Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The order of rankings displayed in these search engines is based on complex algorithms. These are basically the factors that analyze which sites are most helpful to the user and then rank them according to these factors. There are a few SEO techniques that you need to keep in mind when handling a website.

  • Using metric techniques is the way to go with effective optimization of your website. The major conversion optimization technique that helps your ranking is Narrowing down your scope. You must have noticed that the first page displayed on any search result is the one that has to the point answers. These sites do not beat about the bus hand provide immediate answers to the users. You must focus on one main topic only as it provides more ease to the user. While having a range of topics will attract different types of visitors, it is likely that they will leave due to the difficulty of finding their desired topic from the myriad of topics. There are some very important factors in this regard.
  • A well-structured website is an extremely important component of SEO. The architecture of your website will appear either as welcoming or unwelcoming to the visitors. Having a website with a convenient structure where the content is categorized under topics from the same niche is most likely to speak to a specific reader.
  • The second most important factor to keep in mind while optimizing your website is to not overuse the keywords. If your content appears cluttery and filled with a massive amount of keywords used in the most unnecessary of places, your audience is bound to leave. While using keywords, it is not important to focus on the volume or frequency of the keywords. The more important factor is using the keywords in a way that it serves the purpose.
  • This is a time of images and videos. SEO requires you to take aid from visuals in improving your search engine rankings. While writing long pages of text, it is important to break it with some pictures as it will keep the readers entertained and engaged. Make sure you optimize all the images you use with captions and alt text.
  • Using Flash makes your optimization poor. Back in the day, it was not much of an issue but it this age, people are using their phones and tablets to access the net. With Flash, your mobile visitors fail to access your full site with has a negative impact on the optimization of your site. Flash also slows down loading time and this is another major reason for the increased bounce rate. So, for a better user experience, it is necessary to just eradicate Flash from a website.


Conversion Optimization or metric techniques and SEO go hand in hand. They both are equally significant in generating more audience and controlling or influencing their behavior. Using these techniques is extremely important for any website as they help bring the website in the limelight and getting a major response from the audience.


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